The Russo-Japanese War: "Popular Prints"

From the Collection of the Russian National Library (St. Petersburg)


  1. Allegorical Prints      
  The Russian Hero in the
Far East
The War of Russia with Japan

  2.Realistic Prints      
  Vanquished, Destroyed,
but not Surrendered
Battle Scenes: the Deat of
a Japanese Cruiser (on the top)
The Heroic Deed of Lieutenant Lesevitsky  
  2.Satirical Prints      
  Cossack Petrukha
Battle Song of the Cossacks
from the River Don
The Enemy is Terrible, but the
God is Benevolent

A Silly Frog in Port Arthur
How a Russian Sailor Cut off
the Japanese Nose
  Let Us Sit by the Sea
and Wait
In Pursuit of Money


Cartoons from Russian satirical magazines
and newspapers

  "Yellow Peril"
Russian Cossack Protecting
Europe from Japan
England Pushing Japan
against Russia
  A Russian epic warrior cuts
off one head of a dragon
and sees three more
behind - American, English
and Chinese
(Budilnik, 1904, no. 38)

In the Laundry of the European Civilization : you can't wash
a yellow male-dog and make him into white (Budilnik,1904, no. 10)

The Astronomy of Budilnik: the treacheous light of a rising sun has brightly illuminated Mars and even overcast the disorders of the 'moon' (Budilnik, 1905, no. 47)  
  "Political aristocrats": this
yellow parvenue due to her
dodges and guile managed to
get a place in the 'first' class salon (Budilnik, 1905, no. 31)
An incongruos warrior.
A Japanese imaged himself to be a Napoleon and tries to "swallow" the whole world. However, he causes only the "world'" laughter.




  Post-cards criticising Russian military elite  
  A Sea Dance Rozhdestvensky on a paper ship Roozevelt: Enough!  
  The Music of General Oku Quel?    
  Soviet Postcards of the 1930s  
  B. Efimov, The Soviet Gate-Way  B. Efimov, The Soviet Border-Post    
   Soviet May Day Postcards  
  ( Ideas of Peace and Concordance in Soviet Propaganda) 

  Russian Manchuria 
  Mongol horses  East Chineses Railway  Easter in Mukden   
   Port-Arthur Russian Consulaten in Harbin  Bridge over Sungari  
   Sawing wood on the Yalu

Japanese Consulat in Harbin 
Russian-Chinese Bank in Harbin   
   Soya beans in Dairen wharves Hotel "Modern" in Harbin 
Mukden, Principal street
    Station and "Yamato" Hotel in Mukden